TopToTeen Costume Design
Costume design is one of the greatest passions in Tilly Zegers life. She has her own gallery/atelier in Limburg, where she designs and creates costumes. Her clients come from the entertainment world, but she will gladly design for a bride that wants to shine, a diva on the red carpet, and even for a colleague who is looking for a unique coat. Tilly is self-taught, and has made the trade her own by working with materials, patterns and techniques daily for the past 30 years. Her design characteristics are using unusual fusions of materials, colors and motives. Each design is only used once, making each piece unique yet still on trend. Her pieces are full of heart; her passion and creativity are unleashed. Her gallery in Panningen, North Limburg is sometimes dubbed a small museum, and for a good reason!

Models: Liss Bouwens. Gabriella Chavez - Make Up: Eline Mentink - Hairstylist: Francis Schroembges
Design & Styling: Tilly Zegers - Location: Theater de Maaspoort Venlo
Client: Toptoteen Kostuumontwerp -
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